Free Replacement Conditions

AUZ Furniture is devoted to ensuring customer contentment by providing premium, stylishly designed furniture. To uphold our service excellence, we have implemented a Free Replacement Policy for particular instances to guarantee you are delighted with your purchases.

Free Replacement Conditions:

1. **Damaged Items**: If your product arrives damaged, please contact us within three days. Provide clear photos or a video showing the damage, as well as images of the packaging and the logistics label on the outer box. We will promptly verify the damage and arrange for a free replacement.

2. **Stained Items**: If you notice stains on your product upon unboxing, contact us within three days and submit high-quality photos or a video of the stains, plus the packaging images and outer box shipping label. Upon verification, a replacement will be organized at no cost.

3. **Missing Parts**: If you uncover that the product is missing parts when unpacking, please reach out to us within three days. Send us detailed photos or a video of the incomplete product, packaging pictures, and the transportation label. We will swiftly confirm the oversight and proceed with a free replacement.

4. **Beyond Three Days**: Even if you report the issue after three days and it matches the conditions above, AUZ Furniture will still honor the free replacement. However, please note that the resolution process may take longer due to the delayed notification and subsequent logistical challenges.

**Why Require Packaging and Logistics Label Photos?**
Teaming up with FedEx, we require the submitted photographic evidence to address and claim issues with FedEx or our manufacturers, ensuring the safeguarding of legal rights for both our clients and us. This procedure also aids us in preventing similar issues moving forward.

By adhering to our Free Replacement Policy, we can effectively tackle any concerns with your AUZ Furniture items, maintaining the quality of service and satisfaction you deserve. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.