How can I place an order?
To order, simply select the product you like, click on the purchase button, and follow the steps to fill in your information to complete the purchase.

Are your prices consistent with other shopping platforms?
We supply our products in partnership with platforms including Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock, among others, yet the prices may vary. If you find any inconsistencies, please contact AUZ Furniture.

Can all your products be purchased online?
Most of our products and custom options are available for online purchase.

Do I need to create an account to place an order online?
Purchases can be made without an account for your convenience, but we suggest you provide an email address to receive promotional information from AUZ Furniture.

How can I ensure that the furniture I order fits my home?
It is your responsibility to ensure that the furniture will fit in the required room and through the doors, staircases, elevators, and hallways. Please refer to our Furniture Delivery Measurement Guide for assistance. Please note that these are merely guidelines and do not guarantee that the furniture will fit.

Do you offer interior design consultation services?
AUZ Furniture currently does not offer interior design consultation services, but AUZ Furniture aim to provide such services in the future and encourage creative and innovative interior or Furniture designers to collaborate with us.

Does AUZ Furniture offer a warranty on its products?
Yes, AUZ Furniture provides a Limited Warranty, ensuring that our merchandise is free from defects in construction materials and workmanship for a designated number of years from the delivery date when used in a residential setting. For comprehensive details on the warranty we offer, including provisions for accidental damage beyond the Limited Warranty, please refer to the warranty terms provided by AUZ Furniture.



How is tax calculated on my order?
Tax for your order is calculated based on the laws and regulations of the state or province indicated by the delivery address. The specific tax laws vary by region, both for goods and shipping and handling.

What payment methods do you accept?
AUZ Furniture accepts the following payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Shopify payment.

Can I purchase or redeem AUZ Furniture gift cards online?
You can both purchase and redeem AUZ Furniture gift cards online.

Can I pay with a credit card?
AUZ Furniture accepts credit card payments. Please ensure that your credit card is authorized for online transactions before using it.

May I request a billing receipt?
Certainly, upon request, we can provide an electronic billing receipt via email.


I'm away on vacation and it will take a few weeks before I can get home. If I place an order, can you temporarily store my items in your warehouse and ship them after my vacation is over?

If you like our products, we recommend that you purchase them after the holiday. We have local warehouses in the United States and can deliver them to you very quickly, or you can also tell us in advance where you live and how long it will take. When you get home, we will estimate the time and arrange delivery for you at the appropriate time to ensure that you receive the product before or within a few days of arriving home.

Note:You are required to pay for the items in full and must arrange delivery for your order.

Can I pick up my order from a local store?

Unfortunately, AUZ Furniture does not have physical stores in the US at this time; we only offer online shopping.

Can I pick up my order from a distribution center?

No, AUZ Furniture does not offer customer pickup services from distribution centers.

Will all items in my order arrive together?

Your order may be shipped in multiple parcels based on product availability and shipping methods. Products delivered via truck delivery will be sent together. We will endeavor to ship your products together where possible; however, FedEx or UPS policies may result in staggered arrival times.

Will my furniture be assembled upon delivery?

All furniture sold by AUZ Furniture requires assembly, but each product comes with necessary instructions and tools for simple installation.

Do you provide assembly service?

AUZ Furniture does not offer assembly services. You will need to arrange for installation via a third party, if necessary.

Does someone need to be home to accept delivery?

Adult signature service is purchased for every furniture product, requiring the buyer's signature upon receipt. If unavailable, a family member can sign on your behalf. Note that individuals aged 18 to under 21 must have a parent present to accept and inspect the furniture delivery.

What if I encounter product issues during or after childbirth?

Please contact AUZ Furniture customer service for issues regarding returns, exchanges, or any other inquiries.

Can I request delivery on a Saturday or Sunday?

AUZ Furniture typically arranges shipments on weekdays (Monday to Friday), with deliveries following any holiday. Although we strive to accommodate urgent deliveries, weekend delivery is subject to FedEx or UPS logistics policies and may not be guaranteed.

Do you ship to Canada or other international destinations?

Currently, AUZ Furniture only ships within the continental US (excluding offshore islands and Alaska), and not to Canada or other international destinations.

What if the furniture is not suitable upon delivery?

You are responsible for ensuring that the received furniture is intact and undamaged. Please refer to our delivery guide for detailed instructions.



How can I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, please contact AUZ Furniture customer service with your order number to obtain detailed shipping information. If you have received a shipping notification email from UPS or FedEx, you can track your shipment on their official websites.

Can I change my order?

If you wish to change the order address or contact phone number, please contact AUZ Furniture customer service within the same day or 24 hours of placing your order. If your order is already in transit, it is not possible to change shipping information according to FedEx or UPS regulations. We will attempt to change the address as soon as possible, but any incurred costs must be borne by the customer.

Can I return clearance items?

Clearance items, marked as "Special Offer," are not eligible for returns or exchanges. If you receive a defective or damaged product, please review our Free Replacement Conditions policy for specifics.

What happens if the logistic information shows that the delivery has failed?

We generally ship with FedEx; if they fail to contact you during the first delivery attempt, it will be marked as a delivery failure and they will attempt delivery again the next day. If delivery fails three times consecutively, it will be returned to the sender. We will notify you of the logistic information in advance. If you are not available, you may arrange for a family member to accept the delivery.

Please note that any costs incurred from pickup arrangements or returns due to delivery failures will be at your expense.


What is the return/exchange policy for AUZ Furniture?

For information regarding returns and exchanges, please click on the AUZ Furniture return/exchange policy link or visit our website for more details.

What is the return/exchange policy for AUZ Furniture?

For information regarding returns and exchanges, please click on the AUZ Furniture return/exchange policy link or visit our website for more details.

Can I return the product to the warehouse?

No, customers cannot return products directly to the warehouse. If you wish to return an item, please contact customer service to provide order information and the reason for return. They will guide you to the designated return warehouse.

What if the product I receive is different from what I saw in-store or online?

If the product you received does not match the images provided online, please contact AUZ Furniture customer service.

Please note that due to factors such as lighting, environment, and camera angles, there may be slight discrepancies between the images you see and the product you receive, such as color differences. These variations are normal and do not affect the furniture's performance, nor are they considered defects.

We make every effort to accurately display our products' colors on our website. However, the actual color you see will depend on your computer monitor.



What is an AUZ Furniture Gift Card?

An AUZ Furniture Gift Card is a measure of compensation offered to our customers. Gift cards are provided at a certain ratio as agreed upon with the customer, and the amount on the gift card can be used as a discount on the purchase of our products.

Is there a currency conversion for gift cards?

If the customer's local currency differs from the currency of our store, a currency conversion will be processed at checkout when redeeming the gift card. This conversion will be based on the exchange rate at the time of redemption, not at the time of purchase.

What is the validity period of AUZ Furniture Gift Cards?

AUZ Furniture Gift Cards are valid for one year from the date of issuance. Please ensure to use your gift card within this period, as funds will be automatically cleared upon expiration.

How can I check my gift card balance?

AUZ Furniture Gift Cards come with a fixed balance, available in $5, $10, $15, and $20 denominations, and the balance is always displayed in the currency of our store (USD). When the gift card balance is used, it will be presented and deducted in the store's currency.

What if I have a remaining balance on my gift card?

If there is a remaining balance on your AUZ Furniture Gift Card, you can use it to deduct the balance on your next purchase within the one-year validity period of the card.

How can I purchase a gift card?

AUZ Furniture Gift Cards are not available for purchase; they are given as a form of compensation to customers. If you have received our gift card, you may use the amount on the card as a discount when buying furniture products.

Can gift cards be gifted to someone else?

AUZ Furniture Gift Cards are not transferable and are intended as compensation for the designated customer. If it is found that the gift card has been gifted to another person, the rights and balance associated with the original customer's gift card will be voided and cannot be used.

Can product discounts be applied in conjunction with using a gift card?

The applicability of product discounts with gift cards depends on the specific situation. Typically, product discounts cannot be stacked with gift card usage. However, if a product includes a gift card and has certain discount offers, it may be possible to use the card in these instances.

Can gift cards be used to purchase any AUZ Furniture products?

Yes, you can use AUZ Furniture to purchase any furniture product, except those that are not furniture products.



What are the benefits of subscribing to AUZ Furniture's email newsletter?

By subscribing to AUZ Furniture's email, you will receive periodic promotional information, including discounts on new products. Existing customers may receive exclusive discount offers tailored specifically for them.

Will you share my email, home, or company address with other companies?

We respect and understand that not all customers wish to share their information with other selected companies. We adhere to the United States Customer Privacy Policy and will not share your information with third parties without your consent.

How can I unsubscribe from AUZ Furniture's emails?

To unsubscribe from AUZ Furniture's email subscriptions, please contact AUZ Furniture, and they will assist you in canceling your subscription.