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  1. General Return
  2. Some items cannot be returned, including:
  3. What you need to know before starting a return
  4. Defective or damaged products
  5. Supplement Terms
  6. How do I return an item?
  7. Free Replacement Conditions:

    一. Return Policy

    At AUZ Furniture, we prioritize customer satisfaction. If you receive a product that does not meet your expectations, you have the option to return it. Please be advised that returns not associated with quality issues may incur shipping or exchange fees at your expense.

    To qualify for a return, the item must adhere to the following conditions:

    1-1. The product must be in brand new condition.
    1-2. The product must be unopened/undamaged in its original packaging and unassembled.
    1-3. The item must be unused and free from any damage.
    1-4. All original tags and packaging must be intact.

    We urge customers to hold onto the original packaging as it is required for processing the return. Please be aware that AUZ Furniture does not currently offer a free return policy. For a smooth return process, make sure the product matches the criteria above.

    For further assistance, please review our detailed guidelines on why retaining the original packaging is essential. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for shopping with us.


    二. Some items cannot be returned
    1. Special promotion products (discontinued products)
    2. Customized product projects
    3. Wholesale dining chairs (not a quality issue)
    4. Similar products purchased on other websites
    5. Assembled or disassembled products
    6. No original packaging or original packaging seriously damaged
    7. Severely damaged product
    8. Special Note on Returns

    Please be advised that certain products sold by AUZ Furniture may not be eligible for return. These exclusions are critical to understanding our return policy and ensure a clear and mutually agreeable process for all our customers. The following items are NOT eligible for return:

    2-1. Special promotion products (discontinued products)

    - Discounted or sale items, which are considered final sale due to their nature as products being cleared for discontinuance. As these items are no longer in production, we cannot facilitate packaging or replacement components for return, and they must be considered a final purchase unless a fault not caused by the customer is present.

    2-2. Customized product projects

    - Custom ordered products are tailored to individual preferences and specifications, rendering them unique to each customer. Due to their personalization, they cannot be restocked and resold, so we are unable to accept returns unless there is a non-customer induced fault.

    2-3. Wholesale dining chairs (not a quality issue)

    - Bulk-ordered dining chairs that do not present quality issues are non-returnable as they are often purchased with volume-specific agreements that preclude the possibility of individual returns.

    2-4. Similar products purchased on other websites

    - Similar products purchased on other websites are not subject to our return policy, as we are unable to authenticate or assure the quality and condition of items sold outside of our official channels.

    2-5.Assembled or disassembled products

    - Products that have been assembled or partially disassembled cannot be returned due to potential impairment of the original condition, which is a fundamental criterion for acceptance.

    2-6. No original packaging or original packaging seriously damaged

    - Items with original packaging that is missing or significantly damaged prevent us from proceeding with a return as our policy mandates that the initial packaging must be available and intact for a legitimate product return.

    2-7.Severely damaged product

    - Severely damaged items are not considered suitable for return as they do not meet the condition standards required for restocking.

    Any items returned without authorization will be ineligible for refund and may be rejected upon receipt at our return center. Unauthorized returns fail to comply with our guidelines and disrupt the integrity of our inventory management.

    In summary, to process a successful return, please ensure that the product is in brand new condition, unopened, unused, undamaged, and includes original tags and packaging. Examine all product-specific restrictions before attempting a return, and contact us directly for any clarifications or to seek authorization. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to our return policy.

    8. Special Note on Returns

    - If you, as the customer, decide to return an item that falls within the non-returnable categories outlined in our return policy, you may still proceed with the return at your own expense. This provision is in place to accommodate those adamant about returning a non-returnable item; however, the customer will be responsible for all associated costs, including shipping and handling fees.

    Furthermore, in the case of discounted or promotional items, while they are generally deemed final sale and not eligible for return due to product discontinuation, we do understand that there can be exceptions. If you receive a discounted product that is damaged or missing parts upon delivery, we will make an exception to our policy and provide replacements at no additional charge. It is paramount for us to ensure that you receive your discount items in the expected condition.

    To initiate such a return or request a replacement for a damaged promotional item, please contact AUZ Furniture customer service directly. We ask that you provide evidence of the damage or the missing parts so that we can expediently address your concern. Our commitment is to your satisfaction, and we will work diligently to resolve any such issues.

    We remain dedicated to providing you with a positive shopping experience and thank you for your understanding regarding our return policies and procedures.


    三. Please take note of the following pre-requisites before starting a return with AUZ Furniture:

    1. Do not discard any original packaging or packing materials that came with the item. When preparing your item for return, you will need to package it the same way to ensure the product meets the carrier's requirements. For products requiring truck shipment, you must contact a logistics company for the return at your own arrangement.

    2. You are required to provide clear and complete photos of the product and the exterior box, as well as clear images of the internal packaging, to enable us to assess the condition and eligibility for return.

    3. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost if the return doesn't involve a quality issue. If returning for reasons attributable to the customer, AUZ Furniture will provide a prepaid return label, the cost of which will be deducted after the return. In the event that we cannot supply a prepaid return shipping label, you will need to arrange the return on your own.

    4. In cases of receiving items that are damaged or missing parts, if the product you received is damaged, stained, or missing parts due to non-customer-induced reasons, please contact AUZ Furniture customer service promptly. Provide high-resolution photos that clearly show the issue from various angles, including both the product and the outside box. Include your contact information for effective communication when necessary. We will offer an appropriate solution based on our free replacement policy.

    Additional non-refundable services that were part of your initial purchase, such as white-glove delivery, are not eligible for refund. This excludes installation services.

    By adhering to these guidelines, you help us process your return quickly and efficiently. We appreciate your cooperation with our return policy and look forward to assisting you. Please contact our customer service team if you require further clarification or assistance.

    四. Defective or Damaged Products Policy

    Upon receiving your purchased product, please inspect it for any missing parts, defects, damage, or incorrect items and notify us immediately.

    1. We advise you to contact our customer service within 48 hours of receipt if any issues arise. This includes misaligned installation holes, damage discovered upon unboxing, stains on furniture, etc. We strongly encourage you to take photos or record videos to document the issue. Providing pictures of the product, packaging, and the packing label on the box will significantly expedite your claim process.

    2. It is best to report any product issues to us within 30 days of delivery, providing the types of images mentioned above, and videos if possible. Support queries made after 30 days from delivery may be negatively impacted by the uncertain factors beyond this time frame.

    Please note that if product damage occurs due to paid professional installation services arranged on your own, we will not be liable for the repair costs.

    Adhering to this policy ensures a swift resolution to your concerns. Contact our customer service team for further assistance.


    五. Supplement Terms

    1. Damaged Items: If your item has been damaged during the shipping process, please report the damaged product to our customer service within 7 business days of receipt, and do not discard the damaged item or its packaging. For additional details, please refer to our guide on "Receiving Damaged Items."

    2. Undeliverable and Refused Packages: If a package fails to be delivered due to reasons such as refusal, invalid address, or lack of signature, leading to reshipment or cancellation, you will be responsible for any additional handling fees and transportation costs incurred.

    Compliance with these supplementary terms is essential to ensure we can assist you effectively in case of returns or delivery issues. For further guidance or questions regarding our return policy, please reach out to our customer service team.


    六. How do I return an item?

    To initiate a return, log into your AUZ account and contact our customer support with your order number and reason for return; if required, provide the return address and necessary contact information.

    1. Ensure all parts and the product are in their original packaging.
    2. If you are returning the item at your own expense, use a trackable shipping method and provide us with the tracking number and carrier details (untraceable returns can delay refunds as we may need time to locate the package in our warehouse).
    3. We advise against arranging a return without prior authorization, and do not ship the item back to the website or address on the shipping label, as this is not the actual return address.
    4. Once your return is authorized, a shipping label will be sent to you via email, along with the return instructions.

    You will receive a notification email within 3-5 business days after we have received your item and processed the refund. The refund will be credited back to the original account from which the funds were drawn.

    Please Note:
    1. For credit card refunds, allow up to one billing cycle for the refund to post to your account. Do not file a chargeback with your credit card company during the return process as resolving refund disputes takes time.
    2. Your information is only used to purchase the return shipping label, and we comply with necessary US customer privacy terms.

    Patience is usually best while waiting for the return process to proceed smoothly. However, if an abnormal delay occurs, feel free to contact us for assistance.

    七.Free Replacement Conditions:

    7-1. **Damaged Items**: If your product arrives damaged, please contact us within three days. Provide clear photos or a video showing the damage, as well as images of the packaging and the logistics label on the outer box. We will promptly verify the damage and arrange for a free replacement.

    7-2. **Stained Items**: If you notice stains on your product upon unboxing, contact us within three days and submit high-quality photos or a video of the stains, plus the packaging images and outer box shipping label. Upon verification, a replacement will be organized at no cost.

    7-3. **Missing Parts**: If you uncover that the product is missing parts when unpacking, please reach out to us within three days. Send us detailed photos or a video of the incomplete product, packaging pictures, and the transportation label. We will swiftly confirm the oversight and proceed with a free replacement.

    7-4. **Beyond Three Days**: Even if you report the issue after three days and it matches the conditions above, AUZ Furniture will still honor the free replacement. However, please note that the resolution process may take longer due to the delayed notification and subsequent logistical challenges.

    **Why Require Packaging and Logistics Label Photos?**:
    Teaming up with FedEx, we require the submitted photographic evidence to address and claim issues with FedEx or our manufacturers, ensuring the safeguarding of legal rights for both our clients and us. This procedure also aids us in preventing similar issues moving forward.

    By adhering to our Free Replacement Policy, we can effectively tackle any concerns with your AUZ Furniture items, maintaining the quality of service and satisfaction you deserve. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.