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Title: Glass Gold Coffee Table: A Luxurious and Functional Addition to Your Living Room  Subtitle: Enhancing Your Space with Elegance and Versatility  Introduction: In the realm of interior design, a glass gold coffee table stands as a symbol of sophistication and contemporary allure. With its stunning rectangular glass top and a sturdy gold stainless steel mirrored base, this coffee table adds a touch of glamour to any living room. Its unique design, combined with the durability and visual appeal of tempered glass, makes it a valuable asset in elevating your home decor.  The Benefits of a Glass Coffee Table: A glass coffee table offers several advantages that contribute to its popularity in modern interiors. Firstly, the use of tempered glass ensures a durable and resilient surface that can withstand everyday use. The 10 mm thickness, along with beveled and rounded edges, not only adds to its elegance but also enhances safety. The transparency of glass creates a sense of openness, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces, as it visually expands the room and allows light to pass through, creating a more spacious and airy atmosphere.  Functionality and Value: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a coffee table serves as a practical and functional piece of furniture in the living room. Its flat surface provides a convenient space to place beverages, books, or decorative items within easy reach. Whether you are enjoying a cozy evening with a cup of coffee or entertaining guests, the coffee table acts as a central hub for relaxation and socialization. Furthermore, the luxurious design of the glass gold coffee table adds value to your living space, making a lasting impression on visitors and reflecting your refined taste.  The Versatility of the Design: The polished gold mirror base of this coffee table showcases a dual vertical spiral design, exuding a sense of layering and dimensionality. This unique feature not only adds visual interest but also complements a variety of interior styles, from modern and contemporary to eclectic or even transitional. The versatility of the design ensures that the coffee table seamlessly integrates into your existing decor, becoming a focal point that ties the room together.  Conclusion: In conclusion, a glass gold coffee table brings a touch of luxury, versatility, and functionality to your living room. Its combination of a stunning glass top and a sturdy gold stainless steel mirrored base creates an ambiance of elegance and glamour. The transparency and durability of tempered glass add practicality and visual appeal, while the unique design elevates the overall aesthetic of your space. Embrace the value and versatility of this exquisite piece of furniture, and transform your living room into a haven of style and comfort.
The glass gold coffee table features a stunning and extravagant rectangular glass top and is framed by a sturdy high-quality gold stainless steel mirrored base, ensuring longevity, strength, and beauty. The unique dual vertical bar design table legs create a luxurious base that is sure to impress guests.


  1. Tempered glass table top
  2. Polished Gold metal finish
  3. 50-inch rectangular table top
  4. Gold polished metal scalloped legs

Product information

Table Dimensions : 50"D x 26"W x 16"H

Tabletop material: Tempered glass

Table leg material: Polished stainless steel

Weight: 92 Pounds

Color: Gold

Style: Modern

Sales Quantity:1

Assembly: Partial Assembly

Approved Use: Residential Use; Non-Residential Use

Note: Fragile glass top. If broken, contact us for a solution.


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Customer Reviews

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It’s really fancy

This coffee table was very easy to assemble, it only took about 15 minutes, and the quality is great. Looks so good in my living room!

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